Béla Tibor Kulcsár

Owner, Founder

My name is Béla Tibor Kulcsár, senior software developer. In the past I managed to create ShopRenter webshops’ complementary modules as entrepreneur, but the self-employment carried a lot of closed gates. Therefore with my best friend, Dávid Kiss we created Webshop Technologies.

I have vast of experience in software design, development and testing, I got it at Ericsson, Epam Systems and NNG.

The past:

I also started with creating a ShopRenter webshop, so I experienced all sides of a webshop ownership. I didn’t have enough time to handle all tasks, so I wrote a software pack which created the invoices, placed orders at my wholesalers, even ordered shipping.

My focus is customer-centered, the main priority in our company is to develop Your business. That’s the key to our development as well.